Success Stories

Our activities and the way we do, change the quality of life of under privileged segments of the society. We manage resources effectively and efficiently to serve best interests of our beneficiaries. Here are a few examples of how our activities give hope of a better tomorrow.
  •  FRD…Making Impossible Possible'06 June 2012'

    FRD…Making Impossible Possible

    One of the tremendous challenge successfully endeavored by FRD under its project CBI Tank-UNDP is female participation in the most conservative area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.It was for the first time that they got importance and realized their worth. By their active participation they not only supported their family but also contributed in betterment of their village.
  •  FRD Reached the Most Deserving Families'31 May 2012'

    FRD Reached the Most Deserving Families

    Story of zaro jana benefited from cash for work intensive program offered by FRD under its project of Sustainable Development through Peace Building, Governance and Economic Recovery in KP, supported by UNDP. Recent floods not only damaged Zaro Jana’s home but an incident left her helpless and hopeless. FRD provided her opportunity to support her family by earning within boundary of her home.
  •  FRD supported a devoted Brave Sister'12 May 2012'

    FRD supported a devoted Brave Sister

    FRD supported a devoted brave sister by providing earning opportunity to her unemployed depressed brothers through Cash for work intensive program supported by UNDP under project of Sustainable development through peace building and economic recovery in KP. Through this program Gul Habiba brothers not only supported their own family but also brought improvement in living condition of their own village. This program has benefited more than 400 families in UC Gul Imam.
  •  FRD Cares For All'30 April 2012'

    FRD Cares For All

    Rehabilitation of streets and drains has facilitated disabled Qismat Ullah and more than 6000 people of Village Gul Imam District Tank who were really facing difficulty in the mobility inside the village.
  •  Rebuilding Relationships'15 June 2012'

    Rebuilding Relationships

    Greatest lifelong impact of Formation of Village Organizations in Upper Gandaw Valley of Tehsil Halimzai Mohmand Agency, under project of Livelihood program facilitation, funded by Inter-cooperation
  •  Road to the Development'01 May 2012'

    Road to the Development

    Rehabilitation of Khyber Road serving various villages of UC Gul imam and has benefited the residents of all surrounding villages. They are very happy and considering this rehabilitated road as a gift of God!
  •  Gearing youth toward optimism'04 April 2012'

    Gearing youth toward optimism

    Restoration of Community center of Gul Imam, Khyber & Gara Ghazi of District Tank has restarted social activities and provided opportunity to the youth of the area to engage in healthy activities.
  •  Education Back On Track'13 March 2012'

    Education Back On Track

    FRD with collaboration of UNDP has rehabilitated Boundary wall of Govt Girls Primary School village Darakai, UC Gul Imam, District Tank. Parents can now send their daughters to school without any fear, to continue their education and to change the fate of Tank.
  •  Safe and healthy Gul imam'28 February 2012'

    Safe and healthy Gul imam

    Establishment of sewerage line is major achievement of FRD under its project of CBI funded by UNDP, Which has resolved long lasting issue of drainage system in village Gul Imam of UC Gul Imam, District Tank.
  •  FRD…Bringing Change'01 January 2012'

    FRD…Bringing Change

    Capacity Building of Community organizations, formed by FRD in UC Gul Imam of district Tank under its project CBI, funded by UNDP. Formation of VO’s brought harmony among villagers and enhanced the sense of ownership and realization of responsibility among them. it proved an effective tool in successful implementation of this project.