Success Stories | 01 July 2011

Re-gain Hope

" Dost Mohammad, a 60 year old man among many returnee IDPs in South Waziristan Agency regain hope. "We are so happy that you helped us in reconstrction" words of Dost Mohammad"

More than 3 years of displacement from South Waziristan Agency left thousands of families with damaged houses, as traditionally the houses are built from mud. The mud houses require regular maintenance. As these people could not maintain it properly and the area experienced the worst rain fall in its history of 60 years, the weak structures of the houses collapsed. When the IDPs Returned from their displacement they found the remains of their houses annoying them. Mr. Dost Mohammad, a 60 years old man was one of the affected people.

Keeping in view the scarcity of resources with returning families FRD entered to agreement with UNHCR to support 600 vulnerable families with shelter support. The support included material provision for roofing, one window and one door. As the families were required to provide the skilled and unskilled labour in construction, they were provided Rs 8,500 (US$100) as cash for work.

When FRD team started assessment of the area they met Dost Mohammad and his son Falak Niaz and visited their damaged house. The vulnerability of the household was confirmed by the representatives of their community and representatives from the government agency as well. Dost Mohammad is supporting a family of 13 members 6 of whom are female. " the conflict situation prevented us from doing the routine repair in our houses, we were out of the area for three years, now the result is in front of you " says Dost Mohammad with visible signs of uncertainty on his face. FRD team provided one copy of the assessment form to Dost Mohammad, and told him that "you should start your work of reconstructing your walls, we will provide you roofing material, door and window after you complete the construction". Dost Mohammad says that he and his sons will also help the labours in reconstruction of their houses. The family received the shelter roofing material and completed their houses. Today Dost Mohammad is collecting the cheque of Rs 8500 as cash for work. When asked how he feels Dost Mohammad Says " when we returned to our home and saw the destruction we were astonished, as the livelihoods are diminished, resources are depleted how are we going to reconstruct the houses? when you people (FRD team) visited our house we started hoping that we have got at least the bare minimum requirement for reconstruction of our house. We are so happy that you helped us in reconstruction. Though a lot more needs to be done for reviving livelihoods but we are happy that at least we have our own home, where we can return after search for livelihoods".


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