Success Stories | 30 December 2011

Back To Life

" Taj mohammad who lived in broken home with broken spinal cord that completely push him to the darkness is bounced back to life. Though he was paralyzed but FRD enable him to stand by having own home."

Several astonishing stories one can find among the beneficiaries of Mohmand agency. Taj Mohammad is one of them. He has four daughters, one son and one small brother. His father has died and his two aged mothers, one is step mother, are living with him. Three years back, he was working for the purpose of earning bread and butter for his family. He was driver in a construction company and used to carry the construction material from mountains to company. “One day, as usual, while loading the van I felt tired. I set aside under the shade of a big stone, all of sudden a huge stone fell on my body. At the time I could not know that what happened. But when I found myself on the bed, I felt that I was seriously injured. My lower limbs were senseless. I become more shocked when I knew that my spinal cord was damaged forever.” Taj Muhammad said in a lament sound.

Taj Muhammad was in shock of his irreversible loss that meanwhile another shocking news he heard about military operation in Mohmand Agency. he and his family was forced to leave their house in short notice. After leaving their village with broken heart they took refuge in camps. They spent one year in Kacha Garai IDPs camp and one year in Jalozai IDPs camp. when the govt declared that area of Mohmand is now safe to return, they started their journey back to village.
Taj Muhammad said “We were very happy when we were coming back to our home village, to own simple mud made house, to my place of origin”. He took a deep breath and further added, “When we came back to our home, the picture was totally different, our house was fully destroyed. We were surprised, we were in a position that neither we could stay nor we could go back on reverse steps. My senseless limbs and my female family members were unanswerable to that situation. My mother encouraged us and told us to start work. So we started and built a room”. Tears came in Taj Mohammad eyes while talking; “it was indeed a difficult time. No mud, construction materials and human resource were available. By the help of Almighty Allah and my wife and daughters day night efforts, we built a single temporary room for eight family members.

We, eight family members, with all the difficulties were living in this temporary and not ideal for living room, that one day I was sitting in the sunshine while UNHCR-FRD shelter team visited my house, they took assessment and honored a shelter kit for us. We worked ourselves and the cash for work given by UNHCR/FRD will be used for any other domestic use. I am very thankful to UNHCR/FRD that they helped me in such a prickly time.”
Thanks to UNHCR-FRD

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