Success Stories | 15 December 2011

FRD Made It Happen To Live Again In Complete Home

" Janat Mian a PSN Returned IDP, belong to Chinari of Tehsil Safi, Mohmand Agency. Whose wife died during the period they lived in a camp. After return He and his son the two disables, with two other children had no choice but to live in half covered roof room is assessed by FRD to rebuild their home. “My dream became true and now I am sitting in my own room, it is a complete room” Words of Janat Mian"

’I was sitting with my family i.e. my wife, my two sons and my daughter when we heard an announcement made by the security personnel  that the people of the Chinari village, must leave and vacate the village within an hour. We were not in the position to make some decision. I was faced with the dilemma as on one hand we had to leave immediately and on the other hand I and my son were disable and could not walk. That’s why we were so confused. Meanwhile some neighbors helped us and they carried us in wheel barrow. After a few hard hours of our life, we reached the Nahqi IDPs camp where we were registered and we started living there in IDPs camp.’’ Said Janat Mian.

Janat Mian and his son have the disability of Marasmus/Marfan Sendrome and while living in the camp he has suffered the loss of his wife.  They spend six months in Nahqi IDPs camp.  “One day, Political Administration announced that the area of Chinari is officially clear. So on 11th October we packed our goods and loaded it in a bus and we started the journey to our village. I was very excited. I wanted to reach my home as quickly as possible; all the way I was wondering about the good days I spent at my village at my home, the Home of my father, the home where I grew up, the home where I spent my childhood, the home where I used to play’’ he said with sparkling eyes.

 “It was almost evening that we reached home. Our all happiness vanished in a blink of eye when we saw our demolished home. My entire house was badly damaged in recent operation. There was only one room left in my entire home, which was also partially damaged. We somehow managed to live in at as we didn’t have any other place to live. I and my son were disable and could not construct the house the only person who could do some help was my wife but she also passed away in the camp. I was helpless’’ Mian sahib expressed his gloom in a shuddering voice.

 ‘’ we had been living in that partially damage room for two months, we had no option but to live in that room. Our difficulties increased in rainy season, because the rain water directly came to our so called room” He adds “one day, FRD team came I was so happy to see them, as they had helped us in Nahqi IDPs Camp. They told me about provision of shelter repair kit. It was a pleasant surprise for me; I gratefully filled the assessment form. ‘’when FRD team was gone, my neighbors were in doubts, but I was sure that they will provide me a shelter, because I knew them. I told my neighbors about FRD, that how these people helped us in those rainy days in the camp’’.

I could not work and same was the condition of my son. But when FRD team gathered the community and asked them to help me, in addition they also informed me that they will give me Rs. 10000 as cash for work. My joy was out of bound. They arranged labor for us and provided roof material along with door and window. Now I have my complete home. In the last, I would like to say thanks to UNHCR/FRD who repaired my room for me and my family. I can never forget this and I will always pray for them.”

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