Success Stories | 15 May 2013

Repairing the Shattered Dream

" Story of widow who dreamed for her children’s bright and secure future, but one day she found broken pieces of her dream, her shelter and her husband, targeted in bomb blast. FRD couldn’t get her husband back but repaired her dream by securing their children with four walls and a roof."

Rab Nawaz Khan S/o Roghan Shah Resident of village Tajikan Feroz Khel, Orakzai agency, was living happily along with his family of two sons, two daughters and his wife. He was a daily wager but managed to fulfill his family needs. 

In 2008 the militancy strengthened in the FATA and Orakzai Agency was not an exception. Due to its geographic location and bordering with Kurram and Khyber agency, Orakzai Agency became the centre point for militancy and a transit route to the neighboring agencies. The military had to step in to combat the militancy and to establish the writ of the government and started military operation in the agency. As a result of the military operations thousands of families were forced to abandon their homes and took refuge in the adjacent areas and IDPs camps.  Rab Nawaz and his family was also part of the IDP families which took refuge in the IDP camp at Togh Sarie. 
After the situation stabilized and the area was declared safe for returns, the families started returning back to the agency. Rab Nawaz also returned to his village along with other IDP’s families and found his destroyed house to his dismay. 

He was a poor fellow and had already lost everything while being living in displacement as he left everything behind while evacuating the area in a hurry.  He had no means of rebuilding their house. He had little kids and a wife to take care of. He somehow managed to live in a make shift arrangement.

Adding further to miseries of the family Rab Nawaz was killed in a bomb blast leaving the family on the mercy of nature. 

FRD team identified the family in the process of assessing the most vulnerable families and provided the family with the shelter repair material assistance while the community was mobilized to carry out the beneficiary share of the activities as the family neither had any adult male member nor the resources to carry out the construction of the shelter. 

Rab Nawaz’s widow was really grateful to the FRD and UNHCR for their care and help and prayed for the success of the organization. 
The family is now living in the protection of their own house and one of the children, who is now at the school going age, has started his education. The Uncle of the children is now taking care of the financial needs of the family. 

The community welcomed and highly appreciated the initiative taken by FRD for such families and assured their full cooperation for the future as well. According to them FRD has restored their trust on the humanitarian community, which was looked at with suspicion by the community previously. 
“Thank you FRD! You were there when no one else was” Words of Rab Nawaz’s widow

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