Success Stories | 02 January 2013

Hygiene Promotion and Hygiene Kit Distribution project in affected villages of district Peshawar, Swabi and Mardan in KPK, Supported by: Danish Refugee Council

"Aiming to improve the health and hygiene conditions in the target refugee villages, FRD implemented a WASH project under the umbrella of DRC. "

The basic purpose of the project was to raise awareness and educate children in schools by involving the teachers, community elders and specifically the Shura members for lasting impact concerning good hygiene practices. To achieve the objective the project was backed by a child to child approach along with other tools including formation of ‘Hygiene Club’ at school level, ‘School Hygiene Kits distribution’, ‘Hygiene Sessions’ and ‘Educating the Hygiene Club’ members for further dissemination of  hygiene messages.

The aim of this project  was a positive behavior change through health and hygiene, among 100% school going children of affected villages in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. The duration of this project was 40 days i.e. November 21st, to December 31st 2012.

In Peshawar district at village Khazana,  (PS/PSH/MSB-167)/MSG-048 school was facilitated, this school consist of 650 boys and 300 girls, a total of 950 students. In Mardan hygiene promotion sessions were carried out at Baghicha PS/MRD/HS-380 , contain a total of 240 boys and Jalala PS/MRD/MSB-131, which had a strength of 436 boys and 445 girls, Jalala Ps 130, which consist of 288 boys,  while in Swabi, Barakai PS/MRD/MSB-121 that had 375 boys and Gandaf FE/MRD/PSG-093, which consist of  306 girls.

A total of 3040 school going children were facilitated during this project through hygiene promotion and hygiene kit distribution sessions in different villages of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa.

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