Success Stories | 01 March 2012

No more drugs… FRD has bring a long lasting peace in our life

" A flood affected family who gradually became a drug addicted due to difficult circumstances of camp life. FRD tried to bring positive change in their life by arranging land in village Agra UC Manzory Charsada and constructed permanent shelter for them under its project of shelter solutions supported by UNHCR. This project has benefited them in more ways than one. as FRD not only arranged home for them but also arranged camp level committees for mobilization to revert them back toward healthy life."

Hardships of life force you toward things you never wanted to do. Rozina Bibi has faced same situation She was living in Mojongi on rented home with her husband who was vegetable seller and with her 5 children (4 sons and 1 daughter),  her 3 sons are mentally disabled despite of this she was living a satisfied life. But one morning when she woke up for fajar prayer she saw a dark clouds overlapping sky but she didn’t know that it will also overlap their all joys. With a blink of eye situation worsened and heavy rain started which resulted in floods. In no time flood water enter their home. They ran away to save their lives, leaving everything behind, . All their assets, jewelry, cloths everything was swept away as it never existed.

In such dreadful situation, there was no option except to take refuge in a local college. Somehow they spend six months there and then shifted to the spontaneous camp. Her husband started working on daily wages. They were happy that at least they got a camp to live but living in a camp was not easy. They realized this fact as one day their tent caught fire, and were burnt to ashes.

“One day when my husband was making tea for children, fire blasted and it spread rapidly and burned our whole tent. My husband’s hands and face was also burned. This incident deprived us from our only option of living place and also deprived us of our only source of earning” Stated by Rozaina Bibi

Everything was lost, their tent was completely burnt and once again they were left under the open sky. Her husband was taken to hospital they even didn’t have money for his treatment but through few kindhearted person he got temporary treatment and shifted to another tent. But the fear of loss and insecurity stayed in their hearts. They realized that they are so insecure  and they were badly missing their home. Beside psychological stress, poor sanitation, non-provision of clean drinking water, mosquitoes and unhygienic conditions were adding to their stress and miseries.

Rozina’s husband Frahad Ali was very disturbed in this situation. By sitting idle he was thinking more on his endless worries as he was unable to go for work due to his burned hand. The difficult circumstances lead him towards negativity and involved him in unhealthy activity. When he saw no other option of getting out of stress he started taking drugs.

“This was the only way to overcome my stress. I can’t see my children hungry, homeless and helpless”, words of hopeless father Farhad Ali.

When it comes to Rozina’s notice that her husband has started drugs .she was so dishearten she tried her best to pull her husband out of this curse but in vain. Situation got worse when Rozina was tired of same routine and she also turned to drugs and gradually all family become drug addict. Husband wife and their young children who were in the age to play, study and enjoy healthy life but alas, Poverty and homelessness darkened their life and snatched their innocence forever.

 “Everyone wish to have own home to live with a peace of mind but we the most unfortunate family neither we have home nor have food.  We turned to drugs because we don’t have money to buy peace of mind” words of Rozina Bibi

One sunny day life become favorable to them as FRD approached them and tried to bring positive change in their life. FRD with support of UNHCR arranged land for them in village Agra UC Manzory Charsada to construct permanent shelter for them accompanied with kitchen and washroom.

FRD has not planned only to facilitate them in shelter. They have also arranged camp level committees for mobilization. It was not easy to mobilize such drug addicted family. Many times it seemed impossible to FRD social team to revert them back to the normal life but their endless efforts proved that nothing is impossible for FRD. By bringing back home to them change was visible to greater extent but mobilizations made this change permanent. FRD realized to them worth of their life and hazards of drugs.

"This project has benefited us in more ways than one. FRD has helped us a lot in eliminating hopelessness in our life. It has provided us opportunity of starting new life. Now we don’t need to take help of drugs for peace of mind, my greatest burden is reduced because I have my own home now. I feel sorry for taking drugs… I will try my best to start a healthy and positive life. Farhad ali

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