Success Stories | 25 March 2012

Life Met Us Again

" Inzar Gul father of 7 children, deprived of his own home due to floods of 2010 was suffering terrible miseries of camp life from one and half year. His family was exposed to all natural and environmental hazards and they were craving for honorable life but they knew it's just a dream to have a dignified place of living. They were hopeless but one day life met them again when FRD provided safe and secure one room shelter to them where they are living now with proper protection and dignity."

“God has poured his blessings upon us through FRD. It’s so kind of them that they helped us” Words of Inzar Gul, father of 2 sons and 5 daughters who belongs to Majoky MC4 Charsada. He was a farmer, earning enough to survive. But one day he suffered serious injury on hand due to attack by ox during farming. The injury was so severe that he was unable to move his hand thus unable to continue his livelihood.

“I was already depressed about the livelihood but floods of 2010 made our life more miserable by depriving us of our own home. Our home was completely destroyed by floods. We started living on the motorway divider under the open sky as the whole area was flooded and we could not find any other elevated land to escape the floods. After few days we went to a school and then shifted to a spontaneous camp. We were not in a hope that we will go back to our own home. During this one and a half year of camp life the family suffered terrible miseries of hunger and starvation and the children had to work and collected garbage to sell it to get a few rupees to have something to eat. We had no utensils and other basic needs; we could not cook as we could not afford to buy the food items. We had to manage either by borrowing a few rupees from the neighbors or had to survive on a minimum food just enough to spend the day. My elder married daughter with 2 children was also living with us. Her husband is mentally ill and it was difficult to deal with  him in camp as all other inhabitants were also feeling insecure in his presence in the camp. We were in dire need of own home to cope up with all these problems” Inzar Gul describing his problems in his own words.

“Our miseries were stretched further as one day my son was bitten by a stray dog in the camp, he was crying from pain and I could not do anything as I didn’t have the money for his treatment. Those were really bad days of my life, we were exposed to all natural and environmental hazards” He added

“Many humanitarian organizations visited our camp, filled assessment forms and then never came back we waited a lot for their assistance but FRD was the only one who helped us.We were hopelessly living in camp but One day life met us again when FRD team visited our camp and assured us of providing safe and secure shelter for living. That night I slept calm as I knew that now all things will settle down.

In two months my home was completely constructed and toady I’m shifted to my own home.

“Now if we are hungry having nothing to eat, with no means of earning, at least I am satisfied that I have my own home. Now I can work whole heartedly not being worried about the safety and security of my family, now I can travel long distances to work as now I have my own home where my family is secure. Now no one is there to interfere in my life. We are living honorable life. I remember the days at the camp where it was difficult to maintain privacy and parda for the women of the family. Provision of One room shelter provided a dignified place of living for families like us where we can live with proper protection. The happy days of life has started now…”  Inzar Gul’s statement with smile on his face

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