Success Stories | 06 March 2012

Scattered lives mended

" Story of unfortunate family who lost their home, livelihood and unity of family as well in floods 2010. FRD provided an opportunity to them to live again as joint family with same unity and love under one roof by provision of permanent shelter under its project of shelter solutions supported by UNHCR."

Worst monsoon rains and consequential floods wiped out infrastructure, agriculture, communication and livelihoods badly affected all the Province of KP. People were left with rubble of their houses and were forced to live in spontaneous camps at a safer place.
Afdari an old woman also met the same fortunate while she was living with her 10 children (6 sons & 4 daughters) in village Ali Abad, UC MC4, Charasada. They were living happily together. Her husband was owned a horse carriage (Tanga) earning 300Rs daily and her elder son was working in a factory.

“We were happy on earning as my son and husband both were working hard and running home with contributions so we didn’t face any problem” Stated by Afdari Bibi

But one evening when govt announced to vacate the area due to floods. It was the beginning of hardship and misery in their life.  In hurry they left the area and took refuge in a grave yard (mukqbara).  After few days they shifted to a school where they lived for 3 months. They finally shifted to a spontaneous camp in saleem sugar mills Charsada as they had nowhere else to go .

The biggest heart breaking thing was that now they can’t live together as her elder son was newly married and his wife was young girl she can’t live in camp environment where there was no proper security and protection so their concerned parents’ sacrifices for them, they decided to live in camp with their other children and arrange one room for their elder son on rent.

Flood has not only wiped out their home but also their source of livelihood. Afdari’s husband Karim Ullah’s horse drowned in flood water and her son also became jobless as all machines in factory were damaged by flood water. That was really hard time for them to bear the expenses of whole family and also the rented room, in addition the floods resulted in disintegration of their family.  To accommodate the expenditures Karim Ullah started selling pakoras in nearby area and his elder son started work on daily wages to pay rent as well as daily needs. But the earnings were no adequate to fulfill their family needs.

“We wish we could live in our own home where we don’t have to pay rent. It’s really embarrassing when owner of house comes for the rent and we don’t have money to pay him.” Karim Ullah’s son said.

Keeping in view the miseries of their son, Kareem Ullah and Afdari decided to suffer all pain just to save money to rebuild room for their elder son. so that at least he don’t have to pay rent and live a peaceful life. Somehow they managed to rebuild their son’s room but they were still suffering the miseries of camp life.

“That was really hard time when we were facing scorching heat of summers. My children were exposed to diseases because of unhygienic conditions in camp. I missed my son and our own home a safe and secure place. We realized the worth of living in own home” Afdari Bibi recalling the painful memories

The greatest disadvantage of these floods was that it broke the family bonds and increased the distances between the single family members. same was the case with  Afdari  bibi’s family, the prolonged separation from her son and the frustration due to financial problems increased the distances between their hearts and resulted in the differences between father and son. Afdari Bibi was  very upset on this. But one day FRD team visited the family in the camp their condition was assessed and after verification from the local community the family was provided permanent shelter under the project shelter solutions supported by UNHCR. The project aimed to provide dignified living place to these vulnerable families. This project has benefited 35 families of Saleem sugar mills Charsada and kheshgi Nowshehra.

Once again now they were able to live together as a joint family. Their problems and differences faded away as they were living together. Now they are living with same unity and love. Children’s education was disturbed in this entire situation but now they are again going to schools.

Today I can see my family complete and happy while living under the roof of the home we own. Honestly when I offer tajud prayer I pray for FRD from core of my heart.  All FRD team was very kind to us. May Allah give success to FRD more and more” Words of Afdari

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