Our Projects | 01 December 2013

Tent Shelter Project New Durrani IDPs Camp, Kurram Agency

Families living in New Durrani camp as a result of the military operation and militancy were exposed to harsh weather conditions, specially living inside the camp with the females, children, elderly and the persons with special needs were finding it very hard to cope with the conditions.

FRD with the support of UNHCR provided tent shelter to the families living inside the camp to help them in coping with the extreme cold conditions through insulation in the form of tent shelter. Regular mobilization sessions and meetings were held with the community to involve them in the implementation through their feedback and facilitation of the activities. The labor was hired mostly from within the camp through motivating the community by explaining to them the objectives which would serve the community itself, as it would cater to their needs of additional protection and insulation from the harsh weather as well as  providing them short term earning opportunities and skill development. The project was completed at the end of the year 2013 to help the families protect themselves from the severe cold that prevailed in the area during winter season.

The project facilitated 11,250 individuals reaching to 5,411 male and 5,839 of female population. The primary objective of the project was to provide relief to the community through provision of tent shelter to give insulation against the severe cold conditions. Though the tent shelters were to provide insulation against severe cold and rains but it also provided ample space to the families which were previously confined to the space inside their tents.

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