Our Projects | 15 April 2016

Shelter Repair Assistance to South Waziristan Agency Returnees

FRD has entered an agreement with UNHCR for Providing Shelter repair kit assistance to returnee TDPs in South Waziristan Agency.
FRD assisted 960 families with shelter repair kit, where the roofing material, door and window was provided by FRD, the mud or other construction will be the contribution of the beneficiaries. Once the shelters were completed, the beneficiaries were provided with cash for work. 

The project started on 1st September 2015, and completed on 30th March 2016 with CERF funding. However the on-going return of TDPs necessitated the continuation of the humanitarian assistance and another project has been agreed with UNHCR where the Shelter & NFIs needs of the returnees will be assessed, and the available support in emergency shelter provided to the returnee TDPs. FRD has availed resources for April and May 2016 for this project from UNHCR, and further resources are being explored.

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