Our Projects | 31 December 2013

Refugee Villages WATSAN Program and refugee schools rehabilitation

UNHCR-funded schools in camps had been providing education to approx. 52,000 children, however, the condition of many school buildings posed a threat to the safety of children and also impeded learning due to insufficient maintenance during the past decade. There was a need to rehabilitate schools before winter so that the students could continue their education in those schools in a safe environment.

In May, 2013, Foundation for Rural Development entered into partnership with UNHCR under their Refugee Program for the Refugee Schools Rehabilitation project. The interventions involved the physical rehabilitation along with water and sanitation improvement in 47 schools in eight districts (i.e. Peshawar, Lower Dir, Mansehra, Haripur, Kohat, Nowshera, Bannu & D.I.Khan) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. During the implementation of the project, 4 new schools were identified for rehabilitation by the SMCs, community and other stake holders. Thus FRD carried out the repair and rehabilitation of 51 schools. The rehabilitation work included repair/rehabilitation of 362 class rooms, construction of 19 new class rooms, repairing and construction of 24 new verandas, repair and construction of 62 washrooms, 19 drains construction inside the schools and construction of 15 boundary walls.

Some additional needs were identified for water and sanitation in the existing schools as well as in refugee villages as part of the WATSAN component of project. Thus in the WATSAN component FRD provided clean drinking water through water quality testing/chlorination as well as repair of existing water sources and installation of new hand pumps and submersible pumps along with water storage tanks. FRD also conducted 92 awareness/hygiene campaigns for improved sanitation.

The project proved to be a valuable contributor in promoting healthy environment and favorable conditions to the refugee students and community as a whole.

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