Our Projects | 20 January 2015

Tent Shelters Rehabilitation at Jalozai, Togh Serai and New Durrani IDPS Camp

Since 2013, FRD is providing site maintenance services at Jalozai and Tough Serai camp to improve their living conditions. Construction of tent shelters is part of site maintenance activities to cope up with the extreme weather conditions at the camps. Last year FRD installed more than 7000 shelters not only in Jalozai and Tough Serai but also in New Durrani camp Kurram agency.

Tent shelter installed by FRD inside all the three camps proved to be one of the very successful intervention/innovation. It received great appreciation from the community and proved very helpful in providing insulation during heat of summer and cold in winter in addition to provision of additional covered area.

With the passage of time these tent shelters were faced with the issue of termite and strong winds which caused damages to the plastic sheet and bamboo. The seasonal effects resulted in damages to the bamboos and the loosening of the joints which needed rehabilitation in order to keep the shelters in working condition and to provide relief to the families living inside the shelters. Therefore FRD rehabilitated shelters inside all three IDPs camps (2440 in Jalozi, 618 in Togh Serai and 642 in New Durrani). The repair of these shelters once again improved the condition of these shelters and the plastic sheet helped the community by protecting them against the rains and harsh weather.  

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