Our Projects | 20 February 2014

Economic empowerment of semi skilled women in Union Council Wazir Bagh, Peshawar

40 semi-skilled women from the target area Wazir Bagh-Peshawar were selected to improve their skills for contributing in family bread earning and economic uplift. They were provided 2 months skill development training on knitting machines to enable them for knitting gents, ladies and kids woolen wear.

The trade (knitting training) was selected after a market survey and scope of the trade. Keeping in view the sustainability of the project the beneficiaries were also provided entrepreneurship training to guide them on business development, access to market and linkages development. Training curriculum was designed after expert opinion and market survey to include all those woolen wear which generate market demand and are popular in market. The skilled women were provided knitting machines and awarded certificates for successful completion of skill development and entrepreneurship training.

The core objective of the project was economic uplift of semi-skilled women through skill development. The women were provided skill development training and they were enabled to operate knitting machine, produce a variety of woolen wear but that was not enough if seen from the business perspective. A successful business entrepreneur should know about the market demands, value and quality of work and products including suitable time and place for business. Keeping in view these essential needs the skilled women were provided 4 days entrepreneurship training. The trainees were grouped after level analysis to teach them basics of business, difference between personal and business money, work dedication and devotion. In business skill development session they were oriented on market demands, customer relations and presentation of products that how they would satisfy the customer. In the last session linkages development was focused by the trainer to enable the women for making linkages with the market and to know about the market ethics. They were briefed that making those woolen products was an investment and how they could multiply the money invested and make the range of business wider to the possible extent.

At the end of the training they were evaluated on the basis for developing a business plan, business management, management of business finances (budgeting), time management, improving sales, managing and reducing costs, debt recovery techniques, stock control techniques, marketing and recruitment. 

The integrated package for the promotion of entrepreneurship as skills training, business counseling, mentor support, access to working space, business expansion support and creating support networks was much supportive and helpful in developing their business skill.

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