Our Projects | 01 March 2015

Reconstruction of Government High School Gandhiyan and Institutionalization of Career Counselling for Students

Earthquake of October 2005 damaged multitude of schools in district Mansehra and hundreds of students got killed as a result. GHS Gandhiyan District Mansehra was damaged but fortunately no casualty occurred, however the class rooms were declared unsafe and thus were ordered to be demolished. The students had no other option but to study either in tents or in open sky, which was not conducive to learning by any definition. FRD was successful in getting the funds from RAHA program for re-building the school, revitalizing its PTC and establishing a mechanism of career counselling for students.

In addition to construction of a state of the art school, FRD revitalized the PTC, provided basic training on the rules of business of PTC, and established a mechanism for career counselling of the students. FRD constructed a state of the art building with all the required disaster risk reduction measures incorporated in the construction, which is not only technically sound and strong but aesthetically very attractive. In the words of the Principal of school Mr. Sher Mohammad "Me, my colleague teachers and our student could only dream of such a learning facility, I not only see honesty and hard work in the team of FRD but I feel Love for their work in their behavior, They are always ready to work beyond normal working hours and they don't get tired........"

Most of the students when pass from a high school and go to a college are not clear about their future careers and thus are confused in selection of the subjects for their future careers. FRD realized this and arranged meetings with the Principal and teachers of the school and reached a decision that the school teachers should be trained as master trainers for career counselling of the students. To this end a Training of Trainers (ToT) was arranged for school teachers where they were trained on the basics of career counselling, and how to help their students in planning their career, right from the school. To further reinforce the skills of teacher in career counselling, one session was arranged for students of 9 and 10 classes, and one session for students of 8th. The teachers of the school were given practical demonstration on how to help the students identify their potential for various professions, how to get knowledge of careers available in the market, how to plan for getting the career most suitable to their personality, getting information about the subjects required to be studied for various professions, colleges and universities available for those courses, and helping them get information about admissions in those colleges and universities. After the sessions on Career Counselling more than 90% of the students were enthusiastic about their future, "Now we know that there are not just 3 or 4 career pathways there are so many....." one student said.. Other students said" Now I will select a career which best suits my personality....."

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