Our Projects | 01 January 2016

Renovation and Rehabilitation of Nursery and Labour Rooms (A, B, C) in Gynae Block & Gynae Operation Theater at M.T.I Lady Reading Hospital (LRH)

Millions of Afghans refugees have been hosted by Pakistan and despite steady voluntary returns over the years, a large number still reside in refugee villages and urban areas of Pakistan. Most of the refugee community is residing in Khyber pakhtunkhwa. There is significant number of refugee populations living within the host community while almost half of the population is living in the refugee villages across KP.

Inadequate health care services had always been an issue due to large population and scarce resources. Especially the tertiary hospitals of the province are facing the issue of overcrowding and bearing the load of thousands of patients per day. There has been additional pressure on hospitals that are hosting a large number of refugee populations as well.  Many Pakistani host communities, which have welcomed Afghans for three decades, suffer from hosting fatigue and often view Afghan refugees as competitors for the available limited health care resources. The Projects under RAHA initiative aim at supporting quick impact projects that will benefit the host as well as refugee population and will help in bearing the additional pressure exerted by the refugee population upon the local infrastructure and facilities.

As part of RAHA initiative, FRD implemented the project ‘Improvement & Restoration of Social Services and Infrastructure’ at the largest health facility of the province (LRH). The project was an effort to promote the social coexistence amongst the host and the refugee community.

The project was consist of hard activities that include rehabilitation and renovation of infrastructure and soft activities that include social mobilization and awareness raising sessions regarding health and hygiene and how to avoid unnecessary crowding in the hospital. The project had significant impact on the overall improvement of the infrastructure of gynea wards and the operation theatre along with labor rooms and the peads nursery.  

The project not only addressed objective of improved public services and infrastructure but also improved the social cohesion between the refugees and the Pakistani community

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