Our Projects | 01 October 2014

Learning Region on Integrated farming Practices under TVET Reforms Support Unit

Pakistan is an agricultural country where majority of the workforce is engaged in various agricultural practices. The agricultural extension and intensification has been known to lead to compromised fertility of the agricultural lands. This fact is further complicated by changing climatic trends regionally and globally.

This is further complicated in FATA as majority of the farmers are uneducated and the access to modern practices of agriculture is restricted or if some farmers have access they lack the knowledge of effective use of modern practices combined with more sustainable ways of agriculture. To address this complicated issue FRD in partnership with TVET reform support unit of GIZ is working on learning region management of integrated farming practices. FRD with Support of GIZ has established 5 demonstration farms in Hasan Khel, Asho Khel and Janakor areas of FR Peshawar, where the farmers are given an opportunity to practice the skills they are taught in various trainings and compare the produce from various farming methods. Agriculture Research Institute Tarnab is other partner in the project who customizes various trainings to address the needs of the capacity building of the farmers in Frontier Region (FR) Peshawar. The Farmers are identified for training with the help of various Community Based organizations present in the area and the outreach workers of FRD also identify the farmers for training. After the class room trainings are delivered, the farmers have easy access to the demonstration farms established in their area, where they can practice their skills. In the meanwhile if any farmer face any issue or require technical assistance or guidance FRD has deployed agricultural experts who are available 5 days a week (and in some cases 7 days a week) to help them find solution for their problems. As livestock raring and animal husbandry is almost integral part of agriculture in Tribal areas of FATA and other parts of Pakistan, some demonstration farms have been provided with cows and poultry where the local farmers can observe the produce of various breeds as well as integrate livestock and agriculture together. The project is also helpful in understanding the changing climate and helping the local farmers adopt to the new climate realities to make their houses food secure.

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