Our Projects | 01 May 2014

Baseline Assessment Study for the FATA Livelihoods Program of GIZ

Keeping in view the previous expertise of FRD in working for the Livelihoods and its deep understanding of FATA, the GIZ livelihoods component of FATA development Program entered an agreement with FRD to carry out a baseline assessment in 3 Tehsils of Mohmand Agency.

The Assessment study aimed at understanding various socio-economic indicators of the area for informing the decision of GIZ for expanding to Mohmand Agency. FRD deployed teams of experts to 3 Tehsils i.e. Prang Ghar, Ambar and Pindialai of Mohmand Agency where they have studied 60 villages on various socio-economic indicators and developed indigenous maps of resources and issues for every village. Every village profile is backed up by 20 household level survey where the households were survey on food security, agriculture, education, health, nutritional status, decision making and governance structure and so many socio-economic indicators. Thus 1,200 household were surveyed. To further validate the data and help in understand it in a regional context small focused group discussions were carried out with representatives of many villages which form sub area of a Tehsil and which is bigger unit than a village. This discussion helped in further refining the understanding of the context and customizing a livelihood program to the needs of the area. The data has been delivered to GIZ-FATA Development Program who in consultation with FATA Secretariat has understood the context and is planning to expand its Livelihoods component to Mohmand Agency. 

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