Our Partners

Foundation for Rural Development believes in active and fruitful partnership for sustainable development. The partnerships of FRD are meant for delivering the best services in the best possible way. Our Partners always include the beneficiaries of our project as the major stake holders. As social Mobilization is our cross cutting theme, the beneficiaries of our projects and activities are always treated as partners as they play a major role in all stages of the projects planning, implementation AND Monitoring & Evaluation of our Projects.
Treatment of beneficiaries as partners always lead to sustainable development in the long term and help in reducing the dependency syndrome in humanitarian context. To make the development process and humanitarian assistance a well-coordinated and inclusive FRD is in partnership with Communities, Relevant Government Agencies, UN agencies and other NGOs.


The United Nations agency for Refugees is supporting millions of refugees and displaced people worldwide. FRD is in partnership with UNHCR to assist and protect thousands of conflict affected Internally displaced people and natural disasters affected population in the region. For conflict induced IDPs, we have provided Coordination and Camp Management Services in 1st ever IDPs camps inside FATA Mohmand Agency i.e Danishkool and Nahqi Camp. In both the camps FRD worked on site planning, Site Development, Site maintenance, Provision of hot meals in initial days, community services and coordination services with support of UNHCR. FRD had been providing site maintenance and development services in Jalozai and Togh Sarai IDPs camps since January 2013, had also installed tent shelters in Jalozai, Togh Sarai and New Durrani IDPs camp at Kurram Agency.

To encourage the conflict induced IDPs to return to their places of origin after restoration of peace and help 600 vulnerable families rebuild their houses in South Waziristan Agency FATA, 1000 returnee IDPs families in Kurram Agency, 586 families in Orakzai Agency, 500 returnee families in Mohmand Agency. FRD has been providing shelter repair kit assistance and 100$ support to vulnerable families to enable them to rebuild their houses.

The monsoon floods of 2010 left millions of people homeless, to respond quickly and effectively FRD and UNHCR in partnership started with provision of semi-permanent shelters in the transitional phase of the response. The initiative benefited 150 extremely vulnerable families. With start of early recovery FRD and UNHCR started provision of permanent one room shelters accompanied by one kitchen and one wash room. Till the end of July 1000 families have received the assistance and 700 more families will receive the assistance by end of December 2011. The intervention will enable about 12,000 individuals more than 7000 of whom are women and children to have a place which they can call their “Home”.

Pakistan had been hosting the biggest refugee caseload due to presence of millions of Afghan Refugees since the beginning of Russian invasion of Afghanistan till date. FRD has started delivering humanitarian services in the fields of WATSAN and education since May 2013. Similarly FRD had been in partnership with UNHCR in it RAHA component which mainly focuses on increasing asylum space through rehabilitation of the affected infrastructure, resources and arranging various opportunities for peaceful co-existence between refugee community and the hosting communities.

Similarly FRD is involved in the SMART intervention of UNHCR in North Waziristan DPs case in Bannu and Lakki Marwat and is delivering quick and life saving services in selected areas.