Our Partners

Foundation for Rural Development believes in active and fruitful partnership for sustainable development. The partnerships of FRD are meant for delivering the best services in the best possible way. Our Partners always include the beneficiaries of our project as the major stake holders. As social Mobilization is our cross cutting theme, the beneficiaries of our projects and activities are always treated as partners as they play a major role in all stages of the projects planning, implementation AND Monitoring & Evaluation of our Projects.
Treatment of beneficiaries as partners always lead to sustainable development in the long term and help in reducing the dependency syndrome in humanitarian context. To make the development process and humanitarian assistance a well-coordinated and inclusive FRD is in partnership with Communities, Relevant Government Agencies, UN agencies and other NGOs.


ERKF (Economic Revitalization of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and FATA) is a multi Donor trust fund project managed by world Bank and executed in FATA by FATA secretariat. The project aims at revitalizing the small and medium size businesses affected by flood 2010 or militancy in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and FATA. The FATA component was receiving applications mainly from businesses owned by men. After a long process of EOI, Proposal submission, Evaluation and negotiations, FRD entered a partnership with ERKF-FATA for disseminating the information about ERKF among potential business women in Mohmand and Kurram Agency on pilot basis, and helping them understand the process of Grant application.The project had been successfully implemented.