News Room | 08 March 2011

International Woman Day inside the camp organized by FRD

FRD observed the International Woman Day inside Nahaqi camp. Special sessions were conducted amongst the IDPs which included focused group discussions and awareness campaigns for women education and their role in the society.
Both the female and male community of the camp was involved in these events. Banners were displayed highlighting the importance of women education and their role in the society. FRD female staff held 6 focused group discussions with the female community of the camp. The female staff members asked guided questions in the discussions and the community took active part in the meetings. The need for education for their daughters was highlighted and all the women showed their willingness to send their daughters to schools wherever there are schools. The female Social Organizers of FRD discussed the available educational opportunities inside camp and urged the IDPs to avail this opportunity as long as they are in camp, as many villages of IDPs don’t have schools for girls, and even those villages that have girls schools have been closed for a long  time. 

The male FRD staff held three FGDs with the male community members. FRD invited two prominent scholars from within the area to highlight the importance and status of female in light of the teachings of Islam.Overwhelming majority of the community agreed on the importance of the women education. It helped to reduce the reservations of those who were reluctant to send their daughters to schools.

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