News Room | 23 August 2011

Poorest flood affected families receive Eid Food Package in district Charsadda

The poor flood affected families in district Charsadda receive Eid Food Package. A few philanthropist sponsored distribution of Eid food package for 300 families. 250 families received their packages in Tehsil Charsadda while 50 families received the package in Tehsil Tangi.

Each food package consisted of Wheat Flour 10 kg, Ghee 2.5 Kg, Rice 3 Kg, Sugar 3 Kg, Dal Channa (pulses) 2 kg, Beans (Lobya) 2 kg, Black tea 0.25kg. and dates 1 kg.

It is to be noted that the month of Ramadhan is followed by Eid-ul-Fitr festival each year. " To enable the poorest of the poor to celebrate the occasion, is collective responsibility of all of us" Said Fahim Khan, Program officer while addressing the FRD team, " On behalf of all these poor families I want to offer thanks to the philanthropist who sponsored the activity and shared the happiness of this great occasion with less fortunate segment of the society. Whether individually or collectively we must start thinking and acting humanely to let the poorest to enjoy the life like us"

It is to be noted that a few philanthropist asked FRD for their support to reach to the poorest of the poor households to distribute the food package. FRD team helped in identification of the poorest of the poor families in its areas of intervention.

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