News Room | 15 August 2011

Consultative workshop on Shelter Project for flood affected population

On 15th August 2011 a consultative workshop for the supervisors and engineers was arranged who are engaged in providing shelter support to flood affected population in district Charsadda.
The workshop aimed at collecting the lessons learnt and adopting even a more beneficial approach in the implementation of the project. Supervisors from Social mobilization, engineering , logistics and inventory participated. The project MER persons and head office relevant staff also participated in the workshop.

CEO congratulated the team on timely completion of the phase one of shelter response for flood affectees he said " We are proud of you, you realized the dream of reaching to 1000 flood affected vulnerable families and providing them a good place to live in, now the challenge for you is to reach to another 700 vulnerable flood affected families, beware that we are going to change the life quality of than 9000 individuals, Not only provide shelters to people but also help build their collective and individual capacity. Be fair in your interaction with the community and let be the role models in transparency and accountability in the communities who you serve".

Manager Field Operation also participated in the occasion, he analysed the findings of the lessons learnt and facilitated the team in identifying the best Possible practices for future implementation. He informed the team that after emergencies identifying the deserving individuals and reaching to them is the real beginning of humanitarian assistance.

Program Officer presented a comprehensive presentation on the modalities of the implementation, the deliverables of the project and the reporting frequency and channels were thoroughly discussed.

After the workshop an Aftar Dinner was arranged for the team, team members resolved that they will continue their hard work in reaching to the vulnerable families, providing them improved living conditions and strive for the building the capacity of the beneficiaries.

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