News Room | 13 August 2011

FRD Livelihoods team continue RRA Process in Mohmand Agency

The Community facilitation team of FRD Continues to carry on Rapid Rural Assessments in various villages of central Gandao valley in Mohmand Agency to identify the prioritized needs of the community for livelihoods interventions supported by Inter Cooperation. The RPC (FATA) from Inter Cooperation and Manager Field Operations FRD also participated in the process in addition to field team of FRD and IC.

The process of Rapid Rural Appraisals is a step towards long term participatory planning for support of livelihoods in the backward areas of FATA. Till date 6 villages have been assessed through the process in which more than 100 villagers have participated. The process is also supported by the LP team of Inter cooperation working in FATA. 

The process is focused on identification of available resources, current issues and possibility of identifying the areas to harness the potential of the people to utilize their available resources with slight external support. In the follow up of the process the indigenous capacities of the communities will be enhanced through various activities planned as a result of the finding of these RRAs. 

The process has helped FRD team identify available physical, social, economic and political resources with people and the issues which they are currently facing have been prioritized by the villagers themselves.The program is expected to bring a long lasting positive impact on livelihoods in the conflict affected area of Mohmand Agency FATA.

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