News Room | 09 March 2012

Training session for the O & M committees for sustainability of Community infrastructure schemes in MOhmand

FRD has organized one day operation and maintenance training for the O & M committees formed by FRD in partnership with IC for livelihood improvement in Tehsil Halimzai of Mohmand agency. FRD has formed 14 community organizations of local beneficiaries; four of them have been able to complete their community infrastructures schemes of water supply, irrigation Channel and flood protection. Purpose of training was to build capacities of these organizations for efficient operation and maintenance of the schemes.
The training was held on March 09, 2012 in field office Ghalanai (Mohmand agency). Mohammad Shiraz and (Engineer) and Ikramullah Jan (Consultant) were resource persons for the training. Total number of the participants was 12, three from each community organization.
Mr. Ikramullah Jan delivered a lecture on participatory development, involvement of the community in CIS for sustainability, fund collection for repair & maintenance and saving as well, group discussion was also held on these topics.   

Mr. Sheraz Durrani (SPT) explained the operating mechanism of water pumper machine and other technical works in the schemes i.e. repair and maintenance. A forum was open for question and answers throughout training.

At end of the training Mr. Hamidullah Khan Coordinator IC thanked the participants for their participation and appreciated their zeal and interest in executing the physical schemes. He also distributed the tool kits among the committee members.
Participants become fully aware of the need of maintenance of the schemes. However, the training will further help in designing the system and creating funds for maintenance purpose. It ensured the sustainability of not only community schemes but Jarga itself.

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