News Room | 01 December 2015

FRD with collaboration of UNHCR – RAHA is Renovating and Rehabilitating Nursery & Labour Rooms in Gynae Block & Gynae OT at LRH

FRD with collaboration of UNHCR – RAHA initiated the project named “Renovation and Rehabilitation of Nursery and Labour Rooms (A, B, C) in Gynae Block & Gynae Operation Theater at M.T.I Lady Reading Hospital (LRH)”.

FRD team is carrying out regular coordination meetings with the hospital management, DMS and engineering section for facilitation of activities. Physical work has been started. The work is divided in parts and the building is also divided by partition to carry out the required work without hampering regular operations of the hospital.

In addition to physical infrastructure work, FRD mobilization staff has also initiated their activities on ground with the start with the community awareness sessions to sensitize community regarding common health issues and to increase community involvement in the prevention of diseases and uptake of services. They were also sensitized to maintain discipline b following hospital rules and regulation. FRD team is also carrying out health and hygiene sessions to mobilize the community to observe healthy habits and hygiene practices to reduce preventable diseases.

Thus the project will not only improve existing infra-structure, it will also bring positive behavioral change. 

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