News Room | 31 March 2012

Improving the infrastructure, providing opportunity for livelihood at Gul Imam

FRD has restored livelihood of flood affected families by involving beneficiaries in rehabilitation of 11 different community infrastructures schemes in 4 villages of UC Gul Imam of district Tank. These schemes were identified by the community on the basis of their prioritized needs. Restoration of CBI not only improved the quality of life but also reduced the future disaster from flood through DRR measures. These schemes will benefit more than 55,000 people.
This project was designed specially keeping in view the current situation of Tank where the socio-economic conditions were not very favorable even before the floods, but the disaster has deprived the local people of their available meager resources. The weak infrastructure of the area has not only been destroyed, but has also paved the way for further destruction.

To ensure sustainability of the project along with restoration of livelihoods and infrastructures FRD has also raised sense of ownership and responsibility in local community at every target village by formation of village level committees regardless of gender disparities. The community assured their full cooperation and affirmed their commitment for the care and maintenance not only in terms of these schemes but also promised to utilize the capacity of the community organizations for further activities on the self-help bases.

The community thanked the FRD and UNDP for taking care of their needs and soothing out their miseries and pain.

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