News Room | 16 September 2011

New influx of IDPs to Nahqi Camp from Baizai Area Started

As the Military Operation Continues more Internally Displaced Families reach IDPs camp at Nahqi. This is to be noted that the military operation was started in various parts of Mohmand Agency in January 2011, and two camps were established at Nahqi and Danishkool for the IDPs. Later on Danishkool Camp was closed due to return of the IDPs from it to their places of origin but Nahqi Camp continues to host families from various conflict affected areas of the agency.

Before this new displacement started on 13th September 2011, the camp was hosting 888 families. In addition to this number there are other families who are displaced from their homes and are residing with their relatives or friends in host communities.Now 33 new families have been registered

The team of FRD is providing site planning and site maintenance services whereby they are pitching new tents for the newly arriving families and facilitating Persons with special needs by enabling them to have access to various services.

The UN agencies and the Government Departments all working in a systematic manner to facilitate the IDPs.

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