News Room | 01 February 2012

FRD paving the way for development of agriculture in Tehsil Haleemzai, Mohmand Agency

FRD facilitated IC-LP in improvement of agricultural techniques in Mohmand agency. FRD facilitated in establishment of 40 wheat plots in 9 villages (0.5 acres per plot). 25 KG Seed, 25 KG DEP and 50 KG Urea were distributed among the 40 farmers. The community and the farmers remained cooperative throughout the activity in selection, seed distribution and the cultivation. The farmers are responding positively and the routine maintenance of agricultural land and plots is carried out regularly.
Demonstration plots facilitated the identification of appropriate seed for the soil. It also facilitated the determination of yield per plot and thus helps in determining the future planning, which will ultimately benefit the farmers in improvement in the yield.

FRD also facilitated a diagnostic study on coriander to understand the underlying causes of the problems identified during value chain assessment. As coriander was identified as potential cash crop of the area farmers were consecutively growing it for many years which have had an effect on its quality and productivity. On recommendations of farmers, after the diagnostic study conducted on coriander in Halimzai Tehsil, a trail project was implemented to control the identified total 19 trials were conducted in 8 villages of Haleemzai. The identified problems were controlled up to 80%.

FRD also carried out plantation activity keeping in view demands of farmers. 31 farmers from 7 community organizations have received 1000 apricot (Khobani), 400 pomegranates (Anar) and 200 grafted berries (Sawabeera) plants. 36 farmers of 6 villages received 7500 forest plants including 4000 Eucalyptus (Lachi) and 3500 Acacia Species (Kekar).  Forest plants were provided for no cultivated area to protect the land from erosion and also to utilize it for productive purpose as these forest plants will provide wood after 10 years.

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