News Room | 18 January 2012

Cash for Work Distribution Ceremony of Shelter Repair Kit Mohmand Agency

FRD Mohmand Agency field staff arranged Cash for Work Distribution Ceremony for the beneficiaries of the shelter repair kit project at Jirga hall, Political Agent office in Ghalanai. The ceremony was attended by the assistant Political Agent, Political Tehsildar Tehsil Safi, FDMA representative, FRD staff as well as the beneficiaries.
FRD program Officer gave the brief description of the project, reviewing all its activities. He was thankful to the political administration and the FDMA for their cooperation at different stages of implementation.

The Assistant Political Agent in his address to the gathering appreciated the efforts of FRD and UNHCR. He emphasized on the need of such projects in FATA especially in Mohmand Agency. He also urged community participants to start building their lives by themselves. He extended his full cooperation on behalf of the political administration to FRD in future as well and thanked the staff for their efforts.

The cheques of 10,000 each was given to all beneficiaries present at the ceremony by the honorable guests. In the end the community elders expressed their views about the project and appreciated the manner in which the activities were conducted by the FRD staff. They assured their full cooperation and thanked the political administration and UNHCR for the support.

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