News Room | 01 July 2015

Food for work support for Sustainable livelihood at Kurram and Orakzai Agency

FRD has entered an agreement with WFP to implement Food for work support program for Sustainable livelihood at Kurram and Orakzai Agency with main focus on the livelihoods support through DRR along with capacity building trainings with a modality of Food for work and food for training.

The main activities are focused on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) measures and other infrastructure work by the community in return for the food for work. FRD is implementing project with participatory approach, with an overarching objective of improving the food security situation for returnee IDPs. The stabilization in the economy and improvement in food security is not only be result of the distributed food, but will have more long lasting affect through the rehabilitation of infrastructure to support productive assets of the returnee IDPs. The project will also seek to improve the capacity of the communities through enhanced capacity/resilience both through structural and nonstructural interventions.

All the activities are in line with the WFP’s food based interventions which will engage the returnees and affected communities aiming to ‘building back better’ and improving damaged community infrastructure.

The total estimated number of direct beneficiaries is 23,388, which will get support of food for work while extremely vulnerable families will get unconditional support through the initiative.

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