News Room | 23 December 2013

FRD celebrated Orange day for hygiene promotion in school PSG 098 at refugee village Kababian

FRD Hygiene team celebrated Orange Day to promote personal and school hygiene in Refugees Village Kababian School PSG 098. 244 students along with their school teachers participated in the event.
Students prepared colorful charts and also participated in debate competition regarding hygiene promotion. Hygiene promoter Ms. Parveen, while speaking in the event, explained the link between orange day and hygiene, she said “orange is a secondary color which is combination of yellow and red representing the health and energy and celebration of the day reminding us about health care and hygiene behaviors”. She further added that “students are the ambassadors of the community and their positive steps towards hygiene promotion will not only reduce the diseases but their behaviors will be followed in the community to bring a positive social change”. She also appreciated the students and teachers special preparation for the day including classrooms decoration and speeches on hygiene by teachers as well as the hygiene corners in the school like tooth brushing and hand wash corner made by students to revitalize the hygiene message. 

Students also participated in orange eating competition and were asked for proper hand wash after the completion. FRD team also distributed small gifts among the students to encourage them for their good work and best performance. Event was highly appreciated and enjoyed by students and teachers as it was unique way of educating students through interesting activities developed by connecting hygiene with orange.

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