News Room | 17 July 2012

Livelihood program team revitalized

The livelihood development team of FRD who are delivering services in Mohmand Agency have been provided an orientation on the their role in the process of sustainable development inside Mohmand Agency. As the main drivers of change and development theFRD team members reitrated their determination and assured a steady and un-tiring journey to the development of Mohmand Agency.

It was clarified during the orientation that the development never takes place in isolation so it is imperative to have a vigillant coordination with all the stakeholders involved in the development of the agency. In addition to official coordination with other stakeholders the field team also agreed on building the linkages of the poor communities with services providers (Government line agencies as well as non government development actors inside Mohmand Agency). Linkages development is an indespinsible part of FRD implemented project; Livelihood Program Hindu kush (LPH) and FRD itself believes in a multi dimensional nature of the development process and involvement of all the stakeholders in the process.

A green signal has been given to FRD for the extension of the project beyond July 2012, which is very heartening for FRD teams.

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