News Room | 08 January 2012

Specific Appeal for arranging land for homeless and landless people in Charsadda and Nowshehra Launched

“WE CAN’T HELP EVERYONE BUT EVERYONE CAN HELP SOMEONE" Today (on Sunday) an emergency meeting of management committee of FRD was held. Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the miseries of the flood affected population who lost their homes in flood 2010 in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa in Charsadda and Nowshehra and are still living in spontaneous camps due to scarcity of resources.
FRD assessment team briefed the committee on the finding of their visit of today. They shared the findings and pictures of the kids and people living in tents and elaborated their hardships. As FRD is already in touch with some humanitarian organizations for construction of shelters but the dilemma is, many of these families don't have a land where they can construct their house. Other members of the committee informed about some individuals who have shown willingness to give land for more than 10 years on lease to these families. The committee requested those members to further negotiate with those land owners and decide with them to start getting suitable rent after 10 years from these families, as some land owners are giving the land on this condition that the beneficiaries will hand over the shelter and land back to them after 10 years. The committee had a feeling that the permanent solution to the issue is to enable these families to have full legal ownership to these families. 

FRD has already received about PKR 200,000, which was decided to be spent on acquisition of land for the most vulnerable families. All the members of the committee agreed that an appeal should be launched for the help of these vulnerable families to enable them to purchase a piece of land. Philanthropists from over the world are requested to contact us, we will arrange their meetings with the most vulnerable families and they can themselves select the families for assistance. Similarly kind hearted people from district Charsadda and Nowshehra are requested if they can give legal ownership of a small piece of land to these families, this will provide a permanent solution to the sufferings of these families.

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