News Room | 12 September 2014

Capacity building and refresher training of duty bearers of existing TJs to sensitize them on their rights and obligations

Livelihoods Programme Hindukush (LPH) FATA Region works on Agriculture, Livestock, Forest, Non-Formal Education and Community Infrastructure schemes (CISs) while all these components are spinning around the Taraqyati Jirgas (TJs). Only strong and mature TJs can help in carrying out programme activities smoothly. In this regard, a refresher Community Management Skill Training (CMST) was arranged for 88 office bearers (Presidents, General Secretaries and Finance Secretaries) of TJs of Pindiali and Gandao valley of Mohmand Agency.
The Training aimed at enhancing the knowledge, skill and capabilities of the participants in planning and managing their developmental activities and to utilize the available local resources effectively and efficiently. It provides the participants an opportunity to build their capacities to break the vicious cycle of poverty by undertaking the poverty reduction and income generating activities at their own according to the community needs.

FRD-LPH TEAM (M. Sadiq Khan, A.Wajid Khan, Ashaq and Zabit Khan) facilitated the training through combination of methods including interactive lectures, role plays, group discussions, pictorial handouts, review technique, brain storming, case studies, practical exercises and group work. Active involvement of the participants was ensured through brainstorming, mutual discussion, and question/answer session held during and after each presentation. The participants were also provided an opportunity to work in groups and present their group findings. Topics discussed by facilitators includes, Participatory Development, Poverty and charity, Process of TJ Formation and its features, Village Development Plan, TJ Bylaws, Roles and Obligation of Office Bearers, Conflict resolution, Linkage development and Responsibilities of Project Committees. An effort was made by the facilitators to cover all important topics in light of local context, values and with references from Islamic teachings. 

Mr. Mohsin-ul-Mulk, Regional Program Coordinator LPH FATA Region and Mr. Hameed Ullah CF LPH visited during training and appreciated interest of the participants and explained about the mandate of LPH and its operational mechanism. 

A representative from the participants admired the LPH activities and thanked FRD for conducting such trainings and workshops for TJs that proves very helpful in organizing their communities and building their capacities to take charge of their own development.

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