News Room | 15 November 2013

Refugee schools rehabilitation work successfully completed in village Timar, district Lower Dir.

FRD with support of UNHCR has successfully completed repair/rehabilitation work in refugee schools at Timar. In order to inspect quality of work, a joint visit by FRD, UNHCR, CAR and shura members was carried out to all 5 rehabilitated schools (i.e MSB-263, MSB-286, PSG-333, PSC-291, MSG-269) and a small ceremony was organized at MSB 263, in which all the visitors, SMC and children of the schools participated.
The participants inspected the school rehabilitation work and appreciated the quality of work. The visitors acknowledged the coordinated effort put in by FRD while keeping all the stakeholders in close coordination. In a formal session, the head teacher and Shura elder acknowledged devotion of FRD team, quality of work and ongoing hygiene campaign/hafta-y-safaye (sanitation week) which is helping in raising awareness amongst the students and the community regarding health & hygiene. The Shura conveyed their special thanks to UNHCR, CAR and FRD. They also requested for the additional work to be carried out which has already been assessed. The FRD Project Coordinator appreciated the cooperation of all stakeholders and briefed the participants about the scope of work and the nature of the activities. The District Administrator, RVA and UNHCR representatives showed their full satisfaction over the work carried out and stressed on the community for the need to keep the schools neat and clean in future as well. The students were advised to work hard in studies and observe good hygiene practices, and take care of the school hygiene by keeping it clean.

Completion certificates were signed in the ceremony by Project Coordinator FRD, Head Teacher SMC, District Administrator CAR and Field Associate UNHCR. The SMC handed over resolution showing satisfaction over FRD’s efforts.

At the end of the session a walk was arranged for raising awareness regarding sanitation, health and hygiene, in which the general community and the students along with the other participants of the ceremony participated.

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