News Room | 07 July 2012

FRD and UNHCR join hands to provide relief against the harsh weather to IDPs

Foundation for Rural Development and UNHCR have planned another important and innovative intervention for the vulnerable IDPs who are living in tents in scorching temprature of above 42 degree celsius. In the same camps the temprature may hit freezing point in the months December and January.

To provide protection against the harsh weather both in summer and coming winter to vulnerable IDPs in Jalozai, FRD and UNHCR are working on tent shelters. The tent shelter is actually a bamboo structure which is bigger than the tent and it engulfs the tent during its construction phase. The shelter provides a shade on the tent which decreases the temprature inside the tents significantly.

FRD and UNHCR share the determination of supporting the vulnerable people in all times.

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