News Room | 27 December 2011

More than 7900 small and large animals vaccinated and de wormed in 12 villages of Tehsil Halim Zai

FRD in partnership with inter-cooperation has completed its activity of deworming and vaccination in 12 villages of upper Gandow Tehsil Haleemzai, Mohmand Agency. It has benefited 7997 animals including 1675 large and 6322 small animals.
The community was approached for the de-worming and vaccination activity because the provision of veterinary services was a big issue in the area and the people were dependent on the government veterinary health department which could be accessed by limited number of population. The objective of this activity was to immunize the animals against prevalent diseases in the valley and thus decreasing the morbidity and mortality of animals and to get rid of internal parasites in animals through the use of drugs called de-worming.
The vaccination teams along with TJ/VO member also visited the homes of those animals which were difficult to bring to the point of vaccination and deworming selected by VO’s.  The de-wormer was also distributed among the farmers and advised them to administer after ten days.

The activity improved knowledge about the importance of the vaccination in the community and will result in decrease in the mortality rate of the livestock and hence providing improved and sustained livelihood source for the community.

FRD has also facilitated livestock management & Livestock Extension training to 53 participants of 19 villages. They will help in the provision of basic veterinary services to the community at their door step where the veterinary services facilities are not available.

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