News Room | 15 December 2011

Work on community infrastructure in LP in Mohmand Speeded Up

FRD is facilitating the Livelihood Program of Intercooperation in Tehsil Halimzai of Mohmand Agency. Community Based Organizations in the selected villages have been formed and RRA had been carried out in the villages. To build the capacity of the local CBOs CMST training had been arranged for the VOs/CBOs who were identified for implementation of physical infrastructure schemes.

Keeping in view the scarcity of drinking water it was principally decided in the start of the program that only existing water schemes will be rehabilitated and no new scheme will be implemented till the time some mechanism for improving the recharge to underground water has been implemented. This is worth remembering that the underground water table is very deep and there is little recharge to underground water. The underground water table is already overexploited in many villages of the area. As a long term solution FRD has always been advocating for rainwater harvesting and efficient use of the existing water sources.

In the pilot phase of the livelihood program two villages were selected for rehabilitation of drinking water scheme, one village for improvement of irrigation practices and one village was identified for implementation of Disaster Risk Reduction Scheme (Flood Protection wall/gabion structure).

The community Organizations are implementing the schemes on their own, FRD is facilitating the communities and LP in timely and efficient implementation of the Program. Keeping in view the limited time available FRD team is closely following up with the communities to speed up the process of implementation as well as maintain the quality of the works for sustainability of the program.

In addition to the physical infrastructure schemes FRD team is also facilitating vaccination and deworming of livestock in the selected villages of the Upper Gandao valley.

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