News Room | 01 April 2012

Improving literacy ratio in Tehsil Haleem Zai, Mohmand Agency by establishment of five Non formal education schools

Literacy ratio in FATA is drastically low due to various reasons. Poverty and nonexistence of the schools are the main contributing factors in the low literacy rate. Lack of access to schools due to difficult terrain and poor roads makes it difficult to access the schools. It is due to this vary reason that the school enrollment is low and the dropout ration is quite high.
To overcome this and accommodate out of the schools, and drop out of the formal schools, FRD facilitated IC-LP in establishing non formal education schools in villages with no formal schools. FRD also facilitated the local communities to identify suitable teachers for these schools from within the community themselves and facilitated the training of those selected teachers on the basic teaching techniques.

5 NFE Schools are established in five different villages i.e. Malik Karim Kaly, Ingran, Sordagay, Kasai and Qundaro Shehan in Tehsil Haleemzai Mohmand Agency, with total strength of 136 students in which 96 are girls and 40 are boys. This is really encouraging for FRD that female ratio of enrollment is higher than boys in such backward areas.

The schools have improved the learning level of students and literacy ratio as well as it has provided the second chance to the out of school children and bringing them back into mainstream of formal education system. To evaluate the impact of learning, exams will be held in coming month.

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