How we do it

As social mobilization, Gender mainstreaming and capacity building are cross cutting themes of FRD. We incorporate the principles of social mobilization in all our programs. Beneficiaries of our programs are involved right from the planning phase of the program through implementation to M & E and Operation & Maintenance of the Programs. The beneficiaries are involved in the form of community organizations according to the ground situations of the locality. The concept of community organizations on the gross root level is not only promoting equality of human beings but is also contributing to tolerance and practice of democratic values on gross root level. The involvement of the beneficiaries right from the planning phase help in prioritizing the actual needs of the communities, their involvement in the implementation phase enhance the sense of ownership among beneficiaries and provides an inbuilt, continuous, participatory monitoring tool for the program/project activities.

Gender mainstreaming and capacity building are cross cutting themes and the social mobilization is used as a tool to achieve the objective. Gender mainstreaming is carried out in a culturally acceptable manner, where the men and women are encouraged to work in harmony for mutual development.

Financial & Procurement Policy
To ensure transparency and accountability in the usage of funds a proper and well thought out procedure for financial management and procurement is in place. The salient features of financial Policy are;

  • Double entry accounting system.
  • Mechanism for approval of expenditure.
  • All payments exceeding US$ 120/PKR 10,000 through Crossed check.
  • Two signatories run bank accounts
  • Separate bank accounts for different donors
  • Mandatory external annual audit.

The procurement policy of FRD ensures that all the procurements carried out are in the best interest of the beneficiaries for whom we work. At the same time the policy ensure that the procurement is carried out in such a way as the transparency is there, the right value for the money has been received and the suppliers of good repute who are registered with FRD are treated equally in a transparent manner.